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OTT Top Edge

OTT Top Edge



  • Premilling unit
  • Automatic lubrication of feed chain
  • Heated infence for pre-warming of work pieces
  • Synchroflex - driven belt pressure system
  • CombiMelt glueing system 
  • Automatic strip feeder
  • Coil magazine
  • Trimming combination, consisting of:
    heavy rough trim HF 26.1, 
    fine trim (bevel) HFF 15.2
    fine trim (radius) HFR 06.2
    AKF - Automatic corner rounding unit
  • AZK4 - Automatic profile scraper for up to 4 profiles
  • Spare space: 1200 mm for TopEdgeS and 2200 mm for TopEdge L
  • any different possibilites for 'finish' treamtent (e.g. Buffing unit, Spray mist devices and more). Grooving or sanding units are available as well as double magazine or magazines for 4 or even 8 coils.
  • Can be built as a Duo-CombiMelt machine, meaning that there are 2 separately controllable glueing systems and pressure zones. Ideal for e.g. parallel processing of PUR glue in white and transparent.

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