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Why WASTE MONEY on expensive labour when your edgebander can automatically clean the board?


Having to remove glue and other particles from a newly edged board can be time-consuming and labour-intensive. LCM has an accurate, economical and versatile system that can easily be retrofitted to any automatic edgebander, no matter how big or small.
When using high-gloss boards it is essential to have a cleaning system to prevent the smallest particle scratching the board. The LCM system makes for perfectly finished product.
Why risk producing an inferior quality product which can lead to damaging relationships with your customers, when the solution is right at hand?
The LCM complete cleaning range consists of four phases:

Step 1: separating agent

The separating agent is sprayed on the top and bottom of the board before the pre-milling. This creates a non-stick surface so that the excess hot melt does not stick to the surface and create difficulty in cleaning.


Step 2: purifying agent

The consistent use of the cleaning agent removes the previously applied parting agent and all glue residue. It also gives the edge radius a shine, creating a high quality appearance. The agent cools the glued joint, evaporates quickly and leaves no residue.


Step 3: protecting agent

The protecting agent guards against and prevents unwanted contamination that interferes with the work process. The result is that the protective film no longer separates from the edge band while being processed in the machine.


Step 4: cleaning fluid

The cleaning fluid is applied before the buffing wheels. It cleans the top and bottom of the board. This saves time, improves cleanliness, and also reduces unnecessary labour cost and the use of incorrect chemicals that actually cause more damage to the finished product.


REM will offer a lifetime guarantee on the nozzles providing LCM chemical products are used.


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