Terms & Conditions



Currency quoted:



Exchange Rates:

All prices to directly linked to the exchange rate. The forward cover must be confirmed. Any fluctuation of the exchange rate without forward cover will be for your account.



Ex Stock, ± 1 week from date of order. Subject to prior sale!

Imports to be confirmed with order confirmation, standard manufacturing times 12 to 14 weeks before delivery to your premises



Delivered to your premises, within Gauteng,


Validity of Quote:

Not Firm! Prices can be changed without prior warning.


Property Rights:

The machine/equipment will remain the property of Round Equipment and Machines (Pty) Ltd until paid in full.



The equipment will be fully installed and commissioned by Round Equipment and Machines (Pty) Ltd at no extra charge.


Board & Lodging:

By customer for our installation/training team



Included during commissioning,


Lifting Equipment:

By customer for offloading and positioning.


Casual Labor:

By customer as assistance for our installation team.



Floors must be of suitable quality to accept our machines and Electricity I Water l Air (as required) must be

available at equipment location.


Electrical Voltage:

380 / 50 I 3 phase


Installation Materials:

Should extra materials such as plugs, cables, mountings, etc be required, these would be for the customer’s account


Operating Instructions:

With delivery.


Spare parts lists:

With delivery.



To be specified



All European machines attract a 12-month warrantee, all other machines will attract a 6-month warranty.

Any factory defects shall be replaced free of charge, this excludes labor and travel costs.

The warranty excludes wearable and electrical parts.