Planers & Thicknessers

Format4 Dual 51 Planer-Thicknesser

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The NEW Format-4 dual 51 – perfect precision at just a touch of a buttonAre you looking for a planer-thicknesser that meets your professional requirem..

Format4 Planer Plan 51L

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The strength lies in the lengthThe solid plan 51L planer from the premium brand FORMAT-4 impresses with its new design and above all with the new thre..

Format4 Thicknesser Exact 63

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630 mm planing width meets every requirement!Whether it’s in a carpenter’s workshop, in workshops where solid wood is machined, or in the field of mod..

Hammer Planers A3 41

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Your advantages at a glancePlaning width: 410 mmPlaner table length: 1800 mm(2600 mm)Cutterblock: Self-aligning blades;Silent-Power spiralcutterblock(..

Martin Planer T54

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A surface planer is a perfect fit for your workshop.The T54 surface planer was mainly developed to accomplish two tasks – (a) to dress workpieces perf..

Martin Thicknesser T45

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Smooth results with the right thicknessing planer – soon also in your workshop?The T45 thicknessing planer provides you impressively silent with a per..

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