Spindle Moulders

Felder Saw-Spindle Moulder KF 500 Professional

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Your advantages at a glanceCutting length: 2050 mmRip capacity: 800–1250 mmCutting height: 102 mmTable opening: 180 mmSpindle fence for max. tooling ..

Format4 Spindle Moulder Profil 45 M X-Motion

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Premium operating comfort for maximum productivityWhen changing the spindle, the renowned moulder spindle quick-change system ensures maximum producti..

Format4 Spindle Moulder Profil 45 Z X-Motion

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Tilting Spindle Moulder profil 45 Z:Elegant, perfectly designed, and intelligent – the Format-4 profil 45 Z offers perfection at the push of a button ..

Format4 Spindle Moulder Profil 92 M E-Motion

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Setup times are a thing of the past: Format-4 profile 92 M e-motion - the spindle moulder with double swivel and HSK 63F tool quick-change systemThe n..

Hammer Spindle Moulder F3

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Your advantages at a glanceThe Hammer spindle table, made from solid cast ironYour Felder spindle tilts ­“rearward” for operational comfort and the a..

Martin Spindle Moulder T12

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A consistent moulded surface cannot simply be ordained. But it’s so simple with the MARTIN spindle moulder T12.The spindle moulder T12 is our compact ..

Martin Spindle Moulder T27

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Flexibility for today and tomorrow. And for all eternity.Setting up a spindle moulder can be a major challenge. This is not the case for the T27 FleX ..

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