Format4 Edgebander Tempora 60.06L

Format4 Edgebander Tempora 60.06L

Format4 Edgebander Tempora 60.06L

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    Format4 Edgebander Tempora 60.06L
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Format4 tempora F600 with glueBox: PUR-edge banding without glue pot.

Revolutionarily simple, clean, and economically highly profitable.

Edgebanding needs to be as quick, easy, and efficient as possible. To achieve this, the Format4 tempora models combine the core competencies of speed, productivity, flexibility, and ease of use in a convincing overall package. The final finishing results when processing both coiled and strip material are convinced with incredibly high standards.

Modern and optimized edge processing aggregates and a flexible machine body guarantee absolute stability and reliability even at the highest of processing speeds. The user-friendly control options, x-motion plus and "m-motion" ensure absolute repeatability and individual configurable operating programs enable quick manual change of the aggregates as well as control via the smartouch control panel. 

The Format4 tempora 60.06 L has a single or dual motor corner rounding unit with a workpiece height of up to 60 mm.

The patented "advantEdge" brings "invisible joints" to your workshop. You can equip your tempora individually with a single or twin-engine corner rounding unit and your desired finishing units on three-unit spaces. The intuitive control unit smartouch with 10"or 16" touchscreen ensures maximum operating comfort and the highest productivity.

The revolutionary glueBox

 makes PUR glue processing easier and more convenient than ever before. Heat and water resistance, a very small glue joint as well as reduced glue consumption - all advantages of the PUR-glue can be used uncompromisingly with the glueBox. The PUR drawbacks such as complicated processing, dirty and hardened glue pots, annoying cleaning as well as complex storage are a thing of the past with glueBox. Instead of the PUR adhesive in the glue pot of edge banding machines, a thin PUR adhesive strip in the glueBox is fused almost invisibly between the edge material and the workpiece. Taking all costs into account (investment, adhesive material consumption, and cleaning costs/expenditure), in the effective field of application the glueBox saves approx. 70% in comparison to conventional PUR granulate processing.

Corner Rounding
Feed Speed
Front and End Trimmers
Glue Station
Glue Type
Liquid Agent Spraying System
Minimum Edging Thickness
Maximum Edging Thickness
Panel Thickness Max
Radius Scraper
Solid Wood Strips
Surface Scraper
Touch Screen

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