Buerkle Spray Finishing Robus Eco

Buerkle Spray Finishing Robus Eco

Buerkle Spray Finishing Robus Eco

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    Buerkle Spray Finishing Robus Eco
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Bürkle systems have proven successful in the field of high-quality surface finishing for many years. The high degree of flexibility of the Bürkle finishing systems and the tried and tested roller coating and curtain coating machines facilitate numerous applications:

UV base coats and topcoats, water-based finishing systems, solvent or water-based staining products as well as oils and waxes can be processed without any problems.

From the very outset, the two spray coating series ROBUSeco and ROBUSpro have been integrated into the Bürkle Group's outstanding system expertise.

Depending on the requirements, they can be enhanced with drying tunnels, UV units, and fully automatic loading and unloading systems. Optimum coating systems are therefore created from a single source.

  • Equipped with two movable arms and up to 4+4 guns
  • Different detailed solutions for easy setup of the machine and maintenance
  • Supply air and outlet air with optimum air routing in the spray booth

Fields of application

  • Basecoat and topcoat application
  • Application of different solvent lacquer systems
  • Application of water-based lacquer and water-based stains

Features and equipment packages

  • One-time conveyor belt with vacuum table or PVC conveyor belt with coating recovery system and belt cleaning
  • Control cabinet integrated into the machine, simple and easy-to-understand control with the

Bürkle design

  • Scanner strip for workpiece recognition
  • Robust machine frame for low-vibration coating
  • All filter units are fitted with a quick-change system. 5 filter levels result in perfect air purification and ideal air quality in the spray cabinet and ensure high-quality results.

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