Weber LCS Wide Belt Sanding Machine

The LCS series possesses the WEBER sanding technology with the patented ISA segmented platen system within the framework of a single or double belt version. The single belt machine is equipped with a combined station, the double belt machine has a contact roller station as well as a combined station. Calibrating and finish sanding can be performed individually or in combination.

WEBER wide belt sanding for uniform sanding quality:

The contact roller is used in the production of plain surfaces, which is also known as calibration. The spiral-shaped, grooved roller guarantees the highest degree of precision and enables large chip removal as well as ensures a long service life. The sanding pad serves to ensure improved surface quality - with solid wood and veneers. The segmented version of the sanding pad with electronic control can process tolerances up to 2 mm with the highest consistent sanding quality.

Automatic workpiece thickness measurement for even more efficient operation:

Automatic translation of the workpiece thickness to the machine opening simplifies adjustments and saves time. Thus, a superb sanding result can be achieved immediately.

Precise roller adjustment for even better sanding results:

When calibrating, a good sanding result is characterized by precisely reproducible roller settings. Bearings on a continuous eccentric shaft ensure that parallelism is always exact and that adjustments can be made to within 1/10 of a millimeter. The roller is automatically removed pneumatically.

WEBER ISA segmented platen for targeted sanding pressure:

A good sanding result is dependent upon reliable segmented platen technology, which adjusts the sanding pressure of individual segments to the workpiece size via electronic control. With the patented WEBER ISA version, the pressure pieces and sanding lamella form one unit. This unit is maintenance-free and resistant to dirt.

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