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  • The ADVANCE QUADRA is the world’s first vertical automatic beam saw. The operator can realise fully programmable cutting patterns with only one button, from rough panels to final product sizes..
  • Summary here...The ADVANCE range makes cutting panels to size very easy, without the need for manipulation, turning or stocking of strips in between horizontal and vertical cuts. Moreover, it offers the possibility to trim the bottom of (multiple) panels.
  • The DSX models are designed for industrial use and have a large output capacity with e.g. increased cutting depth, pneumatic plunging and a motor rating up to 7.5 HP. A wide variety of accessories is available, such as many automatic functionalities and programming of cutting patterns...
  • Summary here...The DS models are provided with all basic functions for professional use, making it also suitable for plastics and aluminum. A choice of accessories is optional like scoring or a v-grooving attachment.
  • SummaryThe D-range contains the most economical versions. With the same heavy robust frame and despite fully complete equipment, this model is offered to a very attractive price. In the basic version, this machine has a powerful 4 kW (s6) motor, extra depth of the saw blade, 2 entry rollers and a repeat stop for strip cutting. here...
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