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  • The NEW Format-4 dual 51 – perfect precision at just a touch of a button Are you looking for a planer-thicknesser that meets your professional requirements in regards to precision, reliability and ease of use? The Format-4 dual 51 sets new standards in all areas. Solid ribbed planing table and a 4 column thicknessing table guide system ensure high stability.
  • The strength lies in the length: The solid plan 51L planer from the premium brand FORMAT-4 impresses with its new design and above all with the new three-meter planing table length. The feeding planer table alone offers 1,650 millimeters of adequate supporting surface for larger dimensioned workpieces. As an absolute highlight, the new plan 51L is the first FORMAT-4 planer that offers a tiltable planing table for concave and convex joint finishing.
  • 630 mm planing width meets every requirement! Whether it’s in a carpenter’s workshop, in workshops where solid wood is machined or in the field of modern cabinet-making – the performance of the Format-4 thicknesser exact 63 is astounding. Maximum performance, easy operation and individual machine options available at a low investment price, guarantee perfect planing results for even the most demanding tasks.
  • A surface planer which is a perfect fit for your workshop. The T54 surface planer was mainly developed to accomplish two tasks – (a) to dress workpieces perfectly and (b) to provide these workpieces with angular edges quickly and safely. This is because you only arrive at the perfect end result with perfect preparation.
  • Smooth results with the right thicknessing planer – soon also in your workshop? The T45 thicknessing planer provides you impressively silent with a perfect planing result. In this respect, the T45 offers ideal conditions for modern production: It supplies cleanly planed surfaces, is quick and easy to operate and offers ideal value-for-money.
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