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  • Setup times are a thing of the past: Format-4 profile 92 M e-motion - the spindle moulder with double swivel and HSK 63F tool quick-change system: The new 92 M table spindle moulder is the Format-4 premium model for maximum operating comfort and guarantees absolute efficiency with minimal set-up times when milling.
  • Premium operating comfort for maximum productivity: When changing the spindle, the renowned moulder spindle quick change system ensures maximum productivity. Spindle moulders with different diameters and pre-mounted tools for serial moulding work can be interchanged and used in seconds.
  • Tilting Spindle Moulder profil 45 Z: Elegant, perfectly designed and intelligent – the Format-4 profil 45 Z offers perfection at the push of a button regardless of the operation. The highlights for the professional user: height and angle adjustment of the spindle, as well as the positioning of the spindle fence, can be quickly and easily adjusted from the control panel.
  • A consistent moulded surface cannot simply be ordained. But it’s so simple with the MARTIN spindle moulder T12. The spindle moulder T12 is our compact spindle cutter with all the MARTIN premium features – it will delight you. For example, with its highly functional but easy-to-use control system and its excellent value-for-money.
  • Flexibility for today and tomorrow. And for all eternity. Setting up a spindle moulder can be a major challenge. This is not the case for the T27 FleX with its modern touchscreen controller. The integrated tool calculation enables you to set up complex moulding patterns with the spindle tilted in no time. The large tilting range of 2x 46° can be efficiently used on this basis – and you can follow your inclinations lock, stock, and barrel.
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